Review: The Dreamers Awaken

Posted: 16 May 2012 in Reviews

This 64 page book (or PDF, in my case) is the fourth episode in the Kith’takharos series, by Dave Pryzybla and Michael Galligan, published by White Haired Man. The Savage Worlds version, which is my topic for today, is designed for 4-6 Veteran characters.


The book starts with a full-colour map of the Kith’takharos region, some narrative fiction, and an explanation of the authors’ philosphy and purpose of the scenario. It then moves on into the usual background for the GM section.

The Dreamers Awaken builds on previous Kith’takharos adventures. Personally, I’d play them in sequence, but I think you could miss out the first two easily enough. It would be harder to drop players in who haven’t completed The Nine Towers, but possible using one of the adventure hooks provided.

The scenario itself is in seven scenes, so would probably last two or maybe three sessions of play. By now the PCs should know from earlier episodes that once a race of civilised reptile men lived in the region, and that their civilisation vanished. By the end of The Dreamers Awaken, they will know what happened to that civilisation.

The essence of the adventure is to find a dungeon, explore all three levels, and emerge victorious with the knowledge needed to begin the next adventure in the series, as well as some useful relics.


As usual for White Haired Man products, this make good – and extensive – use of colour. Different types of text are pulled out in different colours, and there are a number of illustrations to use as player handouts.


Use layers in the PDF to make it more printer-friendly.

Duplicate, or collate, the handout illustrations at the back of the book. As it stands, I need to either cover up bits of it and show the players only what they need, or print out a second copy and chop it up.

It would be clearer to me if the "Place" sections in this and earlier adventures appeared in the right place in the adventure; pulling them out to a previous section confuses me, I’m afraid.


One of the staples of the genre; kick down the door, kill the monsters, and steal their loot. Underneath that, however, is the ongoing story of what happened to the dungeon builders, which I’m quite interested in by this point.

Overall rating: 2 out of 5 on its own, but 4 out of 5 as part of the sequence. It depends heavily on the previous adventures – nothing wrong with that, but if you like Kith’takharos, this is not the place to start.


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