Review: Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorers’ Edition

Posted: 3 May 2012 in Reviews

There is now a digest-sized version of Savage Worlds Deluxe, and at ten bucks I thought it would be worth picking up the PDF from the newly-opened Pinnacle web store, in case it is more legible on my Kindle (which it is).


As far as I can tell, the content of the Deluxe Explorers’ Edition exactly matches that of the ordinary Deluxe Edition (which I reviewed here).


Where the normal Deluxe Edition has 161 pages, each 8.5″ x 11″, the digest-sized one has 194 pages, each 6.5″ x 9″. This seems to have been accomplished by shrinking the artwork and headers (and a few paragraphs) and reformatting the pages; there are slightly more lines per page in the smaller book, and slightly fewer words per line.

I only really noticed that in a few places; the Attack Options Summary is now a two-column page, and the Powers and Bestiary sections, where more of the entries are now split over consecutive pages.

The PDFs are 15MB and 24MB respectively – I’m not sure why a 20% increase in page count means a 50% increase in file size, but unless (like me) you are a former Assembler programmer, you are probably not as obsessed about file size as I am. (When ah were a lad, you were lucky t’get computer wi’ 8KB o’ memory f’t’programmes, and bulk storage were 500 foot o’ paper tape. You try an’ tell that t’t’youth o’ today, an’ they won’t believe yer.)

Both use PDF layers, so things like the full-colour page background can be suppressed for printing. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to suppress page background on the Kindle, but that is a function of the PDF reader, not the document.


I’d still like to see a Kindle version of the rules. My guess is that the text itself would only be about 600KB, and the rest of it is graphics.


My overall rating for the game system is, like the content, unchanged: 5 out of 5.

The advantages of this edition are the smaller size (easier to stuff into a flight bag or a large pocket) and the lower price (the paperback digest version is cheap enough that I can get each player a copy; the hardback full-size one is too expensive for me to do that).

As far as the Kindle goes, the Deluxe Explorers’ Edition is easier to read on it – in landscape format, a Kindle screen is about 75% of the printed page width, and covers half a page nicely.

  1. Rob Singers says:

    Hi Andy. It’s not actually hard to make a Kindle book from a PDF. You copy the PDF to Google Docs and it will convert it. You export the HTML and use kindlegen to turn it into the mobi format. I’ve made myself a template for the cobnversion to MODI that has files to do the ToC and other bits and pieces. Email me if you want t acopy.

    • andyslack says:

      Thanks Rob – I’ve tried similar things on various files with a number of tools, but the ways I’ve tried before are not kind to tables. I’ll give your suggestion and try and see how it goes!

    • andyslack says:

      Update: I played around with this route and discovered Google Docs has a 2 MB upload limit, which is fine for basic documents, but would be a problem for rulebooks. I write mostly in Open Office so I can export directly to HTML anyway. Like all the converters I’ve tried, Kindlegen trashes formatting, but it is faster, lighter, and easier to use than the MobiPocket Creator software I used previously, so thanks again for the tip!

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