A Triumvirate On My Own

Posted: 27 April 2012 in Shadows of Keron
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Fresh from the Achiever-Explorer-Killer-Socialiser view of my players, I now turn to the threefold model. A quick recap:

  • Gamists focus on playability, without worrying too much about story or realism. ("We should use a square grid for the battlemat because it’s easy.")
  • Simulationists focus on realism over story or playability. ("We should use a hex grid for the battlemat because it doesn’t give an unrealistic advantage to units that move diagonally.")
  • Narrativists prioritise the story over the game. ("We don’t need no stinkin’ battlemat.")

I haven’t done a survey for this view of the group, but I’ve played with them long enough now to have a feel for where they sit. As usual, I refer to the players by the character name, to protect the innocent…

  • Alihulk, Garstrewt and Gutz are gamists with significant narrativist tendencies. They read up on the setting background between games, and have interesting but so far unexplored backstories, but once at the table they want to play a game, and so long as it’s fun they don’t mind about accuracy.
  • Athienne is almost a pure narrativist. For her, the story comes first, second and third, and the game exists only as a framework for it. However, her interest is mostly in the story of the protagonists, whereas Alihulk and Gutz are interested in the story of the setting as well, and Garstrewt is only interested in the setting.
  • Nessime and The Warforged are unashamed pure gamists. They don’t follow the story, and have no interest in historical accuracy. So long as there are puzzles to solve and fell beasts to slay, they don’t mind why.
  • Peter is a narrativist with gamist tendencies. A favourite quote is that he likes rules which are simple enough not to get in the way of the story. Although he has more actual, practical knowledge of real-life adventuring than the rest of us put together, he carries that lightly and lets us get away with murder in terms of what you can really do with a horse, a knife, or a sucking chest wound.

This suggests I should focus on the game first, the story second, and historical accuracy not at all, because nobody is interested but me.

  1. Umberto Pignatelli says:

    Sorry if it seems unappropriate to ask, but what Peter does in real life???

    • andyslack says:

      He’s a farmer. The big difference is that while most of us get our adventuring fix by gaming, he actually does it as well. He hunts and dresses game, he climbed Kilimanjaro, he crossed the Kalahari Desert – that sort of thing. =]

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