Beasts & Barbarians Indiegogo

Posted: 26 April 2012 in Settings
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For the past couple of days I’ve been thinking, what I need is more One-Sheets or Savage Tales suitable for use in the Dread Sea Dominions – short adventures which would occupy a session each. There are a lot of One-Sheet adventures around, but most of them are for Deadlands, and I’ve found converting them harder than I expected. Ideally, I’d have enough that I could pick a suitable one from the pile for whatever group turns up on Saturday.

And lo, no sooner is the wish made than I see GRAmel has set up an Indiegogo campaign to fund Beasts of the Dominions, ten new monsters each with a Savage Tale attached.

I’ve pushed a few bucks their way, and if you’re minded to do the same, click on the link above sometime before June 12th.

The normal schedule will be resumed tomorrow.

  1. Umberto Pignatelli says:

    Thanks Andy! Much appreciated!

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