The Dread Sea Dominions on $500 per Session

Posted: 13 April 2012 in Shadows of Keron
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I wanted some way of siphoning off the huge quantities of money some PCs are starting to build up, and as a group I don’t think they are ready for the savings rules in Beasts & Barbarians, however much I like them.

So, my compromise is to dock each character an amount equal to their starting funds after each session in which the player shows up. (If the player doesn’t show up, the PC has no chance to increase their funding, but is assumed to be paying more attention to spending it wisely rather than blowing it all on ale and whores.)

Most of the characters are already skint as a result, and even those with multiple thousands of silver are starting to feel the pinch. However, the players accept it as the price of doing business. So, a success all round, I think.

What do they spend it on? I think that depends on their Hindrances.

  • Abishag has so many Hindrances it’s hard to choose, but I reckon most of it goes on bribes so officials will overlook the trail of bodies and crime in his wake.
  • Alihulk and Gutz are definitely in ale and whores territory. (I could also believe Gutz buries piles of coins and gems all over the Dominions like a squirrel.)
  • Athienne and Borg, as Outsiders, are wildly overcharged for everything.
  • Garstrewt, I don’t have to worry about. His player is having too much fun buying and categorising an enormous list of mundane objects. It’s not how I roll, but so long as he manages his equipment list and not me, I say let him enjoy the game in his own way.
  • Nessime is a true paladin, so most of her loot goes to good causes. Alms for the poor, donations to the temple, and so forth.
  • Peter’s Clueless Hindrance, and his desire to prove himself worthy of being a nobleman, mean he buys stuff to keep up appearances, and gets overcharged for it.
  • The Warforged, as well as converting all his loot into metal for the modifications he uses to justify his advances, has a warhorse and a string of Valk warponies to feed.
  1. Umberto Pignatelli says:

    What about turning the rule in a positive way? Instead of forcing them to spend money to second their hindrances, what about spending them for positive stuff?
    For example, for 500 Moon/Rank of the Edge they can have an additional Edge for the next adventure, or a skill at d6.
    Or you can sell them “one use” bennies, each of them costing 1000 Moons (double cost for each additional Bennie: the second one costs 2000, the third 4000 and so on). These Bennies don’t expire at the end of the session, but ONLY at the end of the scenario…

    • andyslack says:

      $500 looks like it’s going to be too much, I may need to scale it back to $250.

      I like the idea of doing something positive with this rule instead of just taking away their money; those are some good suggestions – I’ll think about them, thanks.

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