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Posted: 19 March 2012 in Tryouts
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As mentioned earlier, I recently surveyed my players about how they would like the campaign to develop. There are a couple of votes still outstanding, but I don’t expect them to change the outcome significantly.

Based on the answers so far, the ideal campaign for this group is…

  • A swords & sorcery campaign with high fantasy overtones, in which magic and magic items are rare, possessed by key figures in the setting and possibly by the PCs as well.
  • One that can be described in a 1-2 page handout, supplemented by a “setting guide” of a few dozen pages.
  • One in which PCs have episodic adventures, not strongly linked together, and without becoming major political figures themselves. The adventures should focus on combat, treasure and PC advancement, with puzzles a close second and NPC interaction not terribly important. This is probably the most important finding.
  • One that can be played under Savage Worlds or D&D, with characters that fit on an A4 page and advance by improving their skills and edges. (Savage Worlds is the preferred system of the group as a whole, but it’s close enough that the remaining votes could swing it towards D&D. However, the responses on character advancement suggest that SW should win a tie. I find SW easier to GM, but I like them both.)

This isn’t quite where I’m heading with Shadows of Keron as a campaign, so I need to think about what would work better. Should’ve done the survey first, really…

There were some surprises, too:

  • There’s no real pattern to favourite books, TV shows or movies which I could use as a guide to what kind of adventures are best.
  • Players are much less concerned with character advancement and which rules we use than I expected.
  • I hadn’t realised how popular Steampunk as a genre is with the group.

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