Combat Ratings by Rank

Posted: 12 March 2012 in Rules

As a rough yardstick for adventure creation, I wondered what the Savage Worlds CR for a PC would be at the beginning of each rank. I took the Fighter, Great Weapon archtype from Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition, and assumed he’d improve Strength as often and as much as he could, and put all his other advances into Combat Edges. He’d spend all his money on a great axe to start with, and add plate mail by the time he was Seasoned.

I chose this approach to maximise the character’s CR. Other character types would likely have slightly lower CRs. Here’s what I found:

  • Novice CR: 12. Two orcs would be an even match.
  • Seasoned CR: 18. Three orcs would be a fair fight.
  • Veteran CR: 22. Roughly equal to four orcs.
  • Heroic CR: 25. Again, about the same as four orcs.
  • Legendary CR: 28. Worth 4-5 orcs.

As expected, the power curve for Savage Worlds is relatively flat. I suspect this is part of the reason for the smallish number of monsters; in D&D, you need many different monsters of the same basic type, at different hit dice, to balance out the growing power of the PCs. In SW, the PCs don’t develop in the same way, so the monster palette can be more restricted.


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