Shadows of Keron Episode 6: Death of a Tyrant, Part 4

Posted: 26 February 2012 in Shadows of Keron
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Many adventures ago, the party acquired a magic item called the Stone of Recall. When activated, this teleports everyone touching it to the last nominated “respawn point”. I’ve had great fun with this; by the time things are bad enough to use it, the heroes have generally split up, and whoever uses it has to leave some friends behind.

While wandering around the desert, the party completely forgot they had it (not that it would have worked, for reasons they have yet to determine), and when they did remember it, almost immediately remembered they had last set it to the lair of the Big Bad. Then they forgot it again while holed up in their erstwhile patron’s house, and fought the waves of minions he sent against them.

This session, they remembered it again, and used it to teleport a strike team to the Big Bad’s lair with the dual aims of killing him and rescuing their former patron, who has the Attractive edge (hey, this is pulp).

As usual when running a published adventure, I shall say little to minimise the risk of spoilers. The highlights, however, were:

  • The strike team teleporting right into the middle of minions in platoon strength, from which they escaped through adroit use of area effect powers and setting fire to the location.
  • Fun using the Puppet power to turn the PCs against each other, and Lower Trait to drop the party tank’s Fighting skill to Keystone Cops levels.
  • Garstrewt continuing to pound Nessime with a crowbar even after the Puppet wore off.
  • The kidnapped patron regaining consciousness to the feeling of Garstrewt rubbing her all over with olive oil, ostensibly to make it easier to slip her free from her bonds.


This was the second playtest session for this option, and we’ve decided to keep it and allow those who took Power Points as an advance to swap it out for something else. The main impacts of the option continue to be:

  • PCs with Arcane Backgrounds using a wider range of powers (notably buffs) and using powers more often.
  • Spellcasters burning through bennies slightly faster, mostly to avoid being Shaken or Wounded by failing arcane skill rolls.
  • No need to track Power Points.


While B&B recommends only one PC in the party should have an Arcane Background, the previously established group has three. I suspect this is making things easier for them, I’ll have to look to beefing up the opposition.

  1. Well, I dare to say you are playing something very different from B&B. 🙂
    -Many spellcasters
    -Strange races (constructs???)
    -Off limits powers (as teleport)
    -Powerful magic items (handkerchief of healing)
    -No power points
    -Heroes starting lower than seasoned

    Said so, if you are having fun, all is ok :)…

    • andyslack says:

      Yes, I am – thanks for making that explicit, as I wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about B&B!

      The Warforged is indeed a construct. My son (the youngest player) loves warforged from D&D Eberron, so we made one by swapping the free human edge for the Construct monstrous ability.

      The difference between what we play, and regular B&B, is driven by two things: First, how far my players will bend from their comfort zones of Tolkienian high fantasy and Eberron, and second, my personal preference to sticking to the core rules.

      I think B&B as written is the best Savage Worlds implementation of gritty Howard-style swords and sorcery I’ve seen yet, but as a group we’re not ready for that yet. I’m working on it…

  2. Sean B says:

    The insights into the “No Power Points” option are interesting. If I permit any PCs in my current PotSM game to learn magic, I’ll give it a try (I’d be using the spell lists from Solomon Kane anyway).

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