Episode 5: Death of a Tyrant, Part 3

Posted: 19 February 2012 in Shadows of Keron
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This did not go at all as I expected. No change there, then.

I had expected that the group would deduce where the Big Bad was in fairly short order, and then stroll over to sort him out.

They did in fact work out where he was early on, but thrashed around for a long time debating what to do, including convincing themselves there must be secret escape passages somewhere through which they could bug out into the desert again. (After all, that worked so well last time.)

Before they could decide what to do, the Big Bad’s minions turned up in platoon strength to neutralise them. I thought the NPCs grabbing bows and opening fire on the incoming horde would be a good enough clue to do something, but in fact the party continued their debate until the attackers were literally coming in through the windows. They had at least one perfectly good escape route, which they ignored, preferring to stand to and repulse the attackers.

A lengthy and brutal melee ensued. Highlights:

  • The Warforged casting a Fear spell, whose primary effect was to make Gutz throw himself out of the nearest window and fall two stories to the ground.
  • Nessime standing in the centre of the building to give herself the best possible coverage for her Repulse power, having deduced the attackers were supernatural and evil. She killed more of them than anyone else.
  • Athienne being (literally) brained, and only saved because Nessime managed to get the Holy Handkerchief to her in time.
  • Garstrewt using up all the healing potions, none of which worked. They must have been sold a bad batch.
  • The Warforged casting Blast into the ground floor as the attackers broke down the door. He killed more friendlies than all the attackers combined by doing this.
  • Gutz kill-stealing the lone surviving attacker before Athienne could fulfil her vow to do so.

While all this was going on, the only remaining member of the cabal that originally hired them was kidnapped. They are currently still in what’s left of her house, pondering their next move.

  1. Well, it seems they are back on rail again :).
    Note: the first time I playtested the scenario, the evil sorcerer of the group in the final fight, decided to take side with the Really Bad Guy. His ex-comrades killed him and the nasty boss in the end. I wonder to see how your group will behave in that situation :).

  2. R Singers says:

    That’s not that bad. The last group I joined as a player kept setting fire to everything. It caused the GM no end of problems when they regularly burned up the clues to the next part of the adventure.

  3. Sean B says:

    Ah, friendly fire.

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