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Posted: 7 February 2012 in Reflections

Being a selection of random thoughts which individually do not justify a post, but which I shall share regardless.

Knowledge skills: Surfing the Savage Worlds forum led me to Clint Black’s comments on these, which are essentially that Knowledge skills shouldn’t be taken unless they are a prerequisite for an Edge, or you expect to use them in every session of play; otherwise, you should use Common Knowledge rolls. I checked through my stable of PCs, and discovered that my players are way ahead of me here; so I swapped Arion’s Knowledge (Astrogration) for Survival, which all scouts should have. (Admittedly Abishag the halfling rogue has Knowledge (Poisons), but he is a nasty piece of work and I can well imagine him using it every session.)

Campaign lifespan: I can see that in about two years’ time my current group of players will dissipate; some will have babies, some will go to university, others are thinking about emigrating. So, that’s the probable lifespan of the current campaign; call it another 40 sessions, by which time the core PCs will have reached Legendary rank. Towards late 2013, then, I need to start setting up a new campaign, possibly with new players. I keep aiming for multiple five-year campaign arcs in a single setting, but actually I’ve never managed more than three years without changing both, so maybe that should be the goal next time. What can I say, I’m fickle; I like experimenting, and I find low-level PCs easier to work with.

Solo activities: I’ve started a face-to-face RPG group again, by the simple expedition of advertising that I will be ready to run a 4-hour session every week at a specified time and place, that whoever turns up gets to play, and there are no hard feelings for anyone who doesn’t. With a weekly session as GM, and one every 2-3 weeks as a player, I’m getting my gaming fix without solo sessions, so those are shelved for now.

Painting figures: I just can’t get back into this. I’d rather buy prepainted ones and spend my time on other things. However, this is shifting me towards fantasy gaming, as SF prepaints are hard to find now that WotC and Rackham have stopped doing them. My wife is tolerant of my gaming habits, but draws the line at me paying someone else to paint figures for me, which rules that option out. Maybe a shift into Lego-compatible minifigures is called for; they are robust, about 40mm scale, and available in Halo, HM Armed Forces, and Dr Who flavours from my local Toys-Ya-Us.

  1. R Singers says:

    Hi there. On the campaign lifestyle, if you ever wanted to go virtual either PBM or some sort of multi-time zone friendly game I’m sure there would be takers.

    On the subject of minifigs, here are a few links for you to peruse.


    • andyslack says:

      That’s a thought – thanks. I’ve had a lot of fun PBEM games in the past, but no success with VTT. MSN Messenger works surprisingly well, but PBEM seems to work better.

  2. Sean says:

    There’s always figure flats.

    • andyslack says:

      I’ve had some success in the past with the Fiery Dragon counters. Superglue them to the bottom of a 25mm square base and you get a thick, durable counter.

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