Attor and Veon Redux

Posted: 19 January 2012 in Tryouts
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Although I’m moving away from it, I will still indulge in some solo play. I picture a two-person adventuring party -  a sorceror and his bodyguard. Meet Attor, wandering mage, and his companion Veon, warrior. Since the setting lends itself better to urban and wilderness adventures than to dungeons, I foresee using Two Hour Wargames’ Larger Than Life or Warrior Heroes to generate adventures for them, and perhaps Warhammer Quest. (Advanced Heroquest has a better feel, I think, but WHQ is much faster and easier to use, so in my present state of advanced idleness it wins.)

Experiments over the holidays have persuaded me that using the Beasts & Barbarians setting, including its new Edges and Hindrances, will be less of a problem than I expected; but I still want to minimise the information I and the players need, so I will restrict myself to the Rules As Written, specifically the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition.

Attor is built on the Mage archetype. His 4 extra skill points go into Persuasion d6 (2) and Streetwise d6 (2). His powers are Bolt, Deflection, Detect/Conceal Arcana and Healing. He has a staff ($10), a dagger ($25), and leather armour ($50), as well as $415 in cash. Hindrances: Heroic, Enemy (as yet unspecified), Loyal: Friends. I fancy his trappings will have an ophidian cast to them.

Veon is based on the Fighter (Fencer) archetype, which has no spare skill points. Hindrances: Code of Honor, Loyal: Friends, Quirk: Party animal. He has leather armour ($50), two short swords (2 x $200), and $50 in cash.

I’ll apply the Multiple Languages option, so both speak Imperial, Veon speaks 3 other languages, and Attor, 5. I’ll assign most of these later, but decide Attor needs Valk to communicate with demons, and Ancient Keronian to read sorcerous scrolls. I’ll also add Jokers Wild (there being no GM to hand out bennies).

I want to try out No Power Points, so I’ll apply that to Attor, at least initially. That means I need some interpretation of Extra Power Points under that option, and I decide it should negate one point of casting penalties instead of providing an extra 5 power points.

I find the archetypes in SWDE an immense time-saver.

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