Review: B&B Free Supplements

Posted: 11 January 2012 in Reviews
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At the time of writing, Beasts & Barbarians has five free web supplements: A map of the Dread Sea Dominions; pregenerated characters; and three adventures, along the lines of PEGC One-Sheets.

Map first. This is the map from the setting book, as a one-page PDF. Unusually, it has no scale, so the GM can make it as big or as small as he/she wants. I understand this is a deliberate design choice.

Pregenerated characters. These didn’t really grab me. As mentioned before, I would have preferred archetypes in the main book, rather than a separate download of example characters.


  • The Cliff Queen’s Court: Escaping an ambush, the PCs seek refuge in the court, where all is not as it seems. Can they escape? Will they want to?
  • The Carnival of Nal Sagath: The PCs stop to watch a carnival parade. This is interrupted by screams, dead bodies, and a disappearing leading lady; the PCs must find out who kidnapped her, and why. The best bit of this for me was the card-draw random dungeon generator.
  • Wolves in the Borderlands: If you liked Robert E Howard’s Beyond the Black River, you’ll be at home here. A lonely outpost; a damsel in distress; a dark wilderness infested with savages and equally dark magic; and of course the PCs have to sort out the mess.

To my mind, these have grown steadily stronger as scenarios, and I look forward to seeing what else GRAmel can produce, free or otherwise.

  1. If I can add, there is also a full blown B&B free adventure in Savage Insider #3 and ah Heroic NPC with stats and adventure seeds in Savage Insider #2.

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