Persistence of Vision

Posted: 7 October 2011 in Settings
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I like my campaigns to be a persistent environment; if you scrawl graffiti on a wall during one adventure, the next time anyone goes past the wall, it should still be there.

However, the level of carnage and vandalism the current PCs are wreaking in the dungeon of Irongrave is making this problematical – the voluminous notes and extra marks on the map required by this will be too much effort to keep up under my new ruthless regime

So, I need some way to make the regular disappearance of their graffiti and stripped corpses reinforce the persistence of the environment. Luckily, old school dungeons already have the concept of a clean-up crew to address this issue – assorted giant insects and scavengers clean up the bodies, and since I’ve already established Red Tide‘s ancient constructs as inhabitants of the complex, they can be maintenance crews, cleaning and repairing the dungeon as best they can.

Once the PCs notice that the evidence of their passing has been removed, they can encounter a work crew of Men of Jade and Clay, supervised by a Porcelain Servitor and protected by more militant constructs. Should they encounter constructs before then, I know that they will be carrying buckets, mops and tools, and that other monsters generally leave them alone, the beasts because they are inedible and intelligent monsters because otherwise they’ll have to clean up their own mess.


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