The Pale Imp Tavern

Posted: 13 September 2011 in Reviews

Another nice-looking map from Black Hand Source, this time for a three-story inn. This is much larger than the previous ones at about 150 megabytes.

Inside the zip file, one finds:

  • Battlemats of the building’s interior. These are in both A3 format, if you have access to an A3 printer, or tiled A4 pages in case you don’t. In both sizes you have a choice of black and white or sepia images. The battlemats are at a scale of one metre per square rather than the more usual five feet (1.5m)
  • 3-D isometric view of each floor.
  • Playing-card sized portraits of the NPCs, one set with names, and a duplicate set with blank nameplates for you to fill in with your own NPC names.
  • A file of background information in RTF format, detailing the history of the family which runs the tavern for the last three generations. There’s some odd English in there, but this is not the author’s native language and the meaning is clear from context.

This is a nice product, but it didn’t grab me by the throat like the Dwarven Kingdom and Ancient Cities did. Off to the Shelf of Wonders with it, until another inn is needed in the campaign.

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