Mandate Archives: Bruxelles-Class Battlecruiser

Posted: 7 September 2011 in Reviews

Here’s another free 7-page web supplement for Stars Without Number: The Bruxelles-class battlecruiser. This one is mostly fluff (background and setting detail) rather than crunch (rules and statistics). What has it got in its pocketses?

  • An Iron Ghost of a Dead Age: The history and purpose of the class before, during and after the Scream which caused the collapse of the Terran Mandate. The Bruxelles class was intended for frontier patrols and occasional punitive strikes beyond the Mandate’s borders.
  • Operational Parameters: Size, crew and passenger numbers, life support, endurance, and so forth. Weaponry is optimised for assaults on orbital stations and asteroid bases.
  • The Culture of the Ship. The effect of extended isolation on the crews, and how it coloured their interactions with the colonists they were intended to protect (and tax).
  • Ship’s Complement. Minimum and recommended crew sizes for each department aboard ship, with notes on the ranks of those involved.
  • Using the Ship. What can the GM do with a pretech battlecruiser? This section lists who might want one, what for, and the constraints they operate under.
  • The Ship’s Interior. It would be difficult to include any sensible deckplans for a 300 metre vessel in a 7-page document, especially one whose external hull shape varies according to the date and place of manufacture, and most especially one whose internal layout is not critical to the typical adventure. Instead, this page focusses on what it looks like and feels like to be aboard a Bruxelles. There’s also a small glossary of naval terminology.
  • Ship Statistics and Weaponry. One page of rules crunch; the SWN / Skyward Steel statistics for the Bruxelles and its weaponry, with a table for randomly determining what has broken in the centuries since the ship was last used in anger. The weapons are new, powerful grav-shear devices not noted in either SWN or Skyward Steel.
  • Ship Plot Seeds. Six adventure seeds which could see the PCs cross paths with a Bruxelles.

I note from the advertisement at the end of page 7 that a print version of SWN with extra content is on its way via Mongoose Publishing. Can’t wait!


Another tightly-written piece of goodness from Sine Nomine Publications. I could see this as the equivalent of Classic Traveller‘s Kinunir class battlecruisers, or in a pre-Scream campaign much along the lines of the original Star Trek.

In most campaigns, though, this will be a McGuffin – something that the PCs can sell for an immense price, or be highly paid to recover, if only they can survive the attentions of every pirate, planetary government and dictator in the sector…


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