Drew, February 2013

Posted: 4 September 2011 in 28 Months Later

After last week’s flashback, we return to Drew, Sylvia and Vince, last seen captured by Captain Flack and his troops. ATZ doesn’t really cover escapes from captivity, so I press Warrior Heroes into service and set up the usual village from Cry Havoc! at 2” per hex.


Turn 0: Durance Vile

Drew and colleagues have been locked up in a room in a small group of buildings, while their captors ponder their next move.

“Find anything useful?” asks Drew, as the group gathers to review options.

“Got some allen keys,” says Sylvia. “Might be able to pick the lock with those.”

This will be a challenge (p. 51-52), with failure meaning the guards are alerted. Sylvia rolls 2d6 vs Rep 5: 2, 6 so pass 1d6. As this is the first time she has passed 1d6 on this challenge, she can immediately roll again, but passing 1d6 again will count as failure. She rolls 1, 2 and picks the lock.

There are no mounts or vehicles in evidence as the group tiptoes out of the building. (Roll 6 for mounts.) It is dark, though. (Roll 3 for time of day.)

There’s not much point rolling activation yet, so off they trot.

  • Turn 1: Move, alarm not sounded (die roll 2). We’re not fast-moving yet as I want to see if anything is outside first.
  • Turn 2: Move, alarm not sounded (die roll 4).
  • Turn 3: Getting close to the edge of the board now so I think it’s worth fast moving. As group leader Drew rolls 2d6 vs Rep 5: 2, 5 = pass 2d6, so everyone double moves. However, the troops are alerted (die roll 1, which is less than or equal to the turn number – official modification from the forum). A 2d6 roll of 6 means the forces are equal. Rolling 1d6 for each of the three enemy figures means one appears 12” behind them, and the other two enter from the same table edge our heroes wish to leave by. Visibility is only 12” at night, but both groups have someone within 12” so it’s time to dance. I place the figures as seems to make most sense on the map.

Turn 4

Activation: Boxcars – a random event! Rolling on the table on p. 52 I get 8 – random character opens fire at nearest building, at “shadows”. Conveniently, there are 6 figures on the table, and one of the troops opens fire at the nearest building, which is the one his buddy is just leaving. The troops are too far apart to see each other, but I think the lone trooper should take a Received Fire test. He rolls 2d6 vs Rep 4 and passes 0d6, so he Ducks Back into cover.

“Down!” calls Drew, softly. “Someone coming up the path!”

“One behind us too,” says Vince.

The night lights up with muzzle flash as someone on the path fires at the building behind them. The soldier Vince can see ducks back behind the nearest wall and yells “Stand to! Stand to!” at the top of his voice.

“I guess even the SAS blow it sometimes,” mutters Sylvia to herself.

Of course, this is ATZ, so I roll to see if the gunfire attracts zombies. One appears right next to the troops on the path. Oops.


End of Turn 4: Whose side are you on?!?

Turn 5

Activation: PCs 5, troops 4, zombies 6. Everybody except the zombies activates. Drew urges his people to fast move, which they do, and all of them clear the board. The two soldiers on the path focus on the immediate threat and make short work of the zombie even though it is behind them – they just have too many melee dice for it to have a chance. The trooper in the building stays there, waiting to be rallied. I roll for pursuit but there is none.

“Come on!” shouts Drew, “Move!” The three detectives run off into the dark, weaponless but free.


Some hours later, just after dawn, Captain Flack finishes berating his squad.

“Expected better,” he concludes. “Still, no casualties, could’ve been worse.”

“Should we go after them, skipper?” asks Pugh. Flack looks at him thoughtfully for a moment.

“No,” he decides. “Three less mouths to feed. Better things to do.” He raises his voice and gestures to the vehicles. “Location compromised; move out in twenty.”

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