Irongrave Session 6

Posted: 3 September 2011 in Tryouts

While Nessime, Gutz (formerly known as Tenchi) and The Warforged were resting just inside the Great Hall of Kings, they were approached by Athienne and Garstrewt – these two had been exploring the hall, and hid during the fight. The five recognised each other as regulars of the Brass Dragon in Murad, and agreed to join forces.

Moving off towards the northeast, they searched several rooms, finding nothing of value but triggering a trap which released wolves onto them. Slaying these, they crossed an underground lake by bridge, finding a dying dwarf who gave them a key. This turned out to be useful when they triggered a portcullis trap, as it allowed them to open the inset door.

The session closed with them pausing to compose themselves before moving on, further to the northeast.

GM: Taking a leaf from Ars Ludi’s book, the snug at the Brass Dragon has a table where the various parties scratch rough maps of the dungeon to share information. I shall create this somehow from the party cartographers’ scribblings and see what it winds up like.

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