Kingdom of Gardar Map

Posted: 2 September 2011 in Settings

Player choices have consequences for me too. Their choice of the Norse pantheon meant that the local culture should be Norse, or nearly. Earlier play had established that the characters’ native land was ruled by foreign invaders, so that meant the Rus. That in turn meant a different map. In my usual lazy way, I scouted around for a map I could reuse, and alighted upon the map from SPI’s Demons. This little beauty suits the emerging concept of the Rus, with orcs standing in for Mongols.

I was at first concerned about copyright, but then I noticed that the map is actually central Armenia at a scale of about 2.5 miles per hex, rotated slightly anticlockwise – in the real world, Echmiadzin is pretty much due west of Yerevan. That scale was too small for my needs, though, so I expanded it to 25 miles per hex.


There’s even a real-world iron mine in hex 0610, shown as Tapas. I’ve marked that as Irongrave, with a mine symbol.

I also lifted the idea of demonologists searching for treasure. There should be a few scenarios in that. Given that they enter the map from the left-hand edge, they enter Gardar from Skulos.

  1. R Singers says:

    Depending on what time you’re refering to, the Rus aren’t really foreign as they’re Norsemen. (

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