Dikkat! Kapan var!

Posted: 1 September 2011 in Settings

For some time now, I’ve ruled that unless the player says otherwise, the character has the same handedness and gender as the player.

As an experiment, I’m now extending that so that the character speaks whatever languages the player speaks, at whatever level of fluency the player speaks them.

I tried that out in Irongrave first, and it’s been fun, for me at least. The languages there align as follows:

  • Dwarves: German.
  • Elves: French.
  • Empire of the Wolf: Italian.
  • Ezhdan Caliphate: Turkish. Also spoken by dragons, kobolds etc.
  • Gardar, Hjemland: English – the “common tongue”.
  • Iron Horde: Russian.
  • Rakashans: Japanese.
  • Skulos: Greek.

I hope no more races come into the game, because I’m pretty much out of languages now.

Please note: I have allocated languages to cultures based solely on being able to say something appropriate in that language – don’t read any more into it than that!

(And the post title? It means “Look out! There’s a trap!” in Turkish.)


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