Posted: 26 August 2011 in Settings

Various decisions the players have made over the last couple of weeks, for example their liking of the Norse pantheon, mean I’ve felt the need to reboot Irongrave.

It’s not like they’ve actually been anywhere more than about ten miles from the dungeon yet. They won’t even notice.

I still like the Welsh Piper’s idea of zooming in and out of the hexgrid, but this time I’m starting at the top and zooming in. Here’s the continent of Varldsdel at a scale of 625 miles per hex:


This means that each hex is roughly the size of a European country. At the next level down, each of these hexes is subdivided into 125 mile subhexes, each of which is roughly one month’s strategic move in WHAA. Below that we move to 25 mile hexes, which is going to be my standard wilderness scale.

For encounters with military forces I think I’ll use CR3.0 Swordplay Army Lists, with WHAA for other encounters.

  • Gardar is based on the Kievan Rus, while Hjemland uses Viking-era Sweden as its template. Both use the Northmen Army List.
  • The Iron Horde are orc and goblin steppe nomads, so use the Nomad, Goblin or Orc Army Lists, depending on how I feel at the time.
  • Ezhdan is a vaguely Middle Eastern Caliphate with a state religion of dragon-worship. It uses the Eastern Empire Army List.
  • Skulos is based on Byzantium, and uses the Western Army List.

I expect that the campaign will be limited to Gardar for years yet, but it is useful to know roughly what is off the edge of the main map.

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