$1 Downloads: Michael T Desing’s Army Ants Resolute Referee’s Guide

Posted: 24 August 2011 in Reviews

A while ago I reviewed Army Ants Resolute edition, and bemoaned the lack of guidance for the GM. This guide fixes that. So, what’s inside this 8-page booklet?

  • Ant society – the castes and their roles.
  • The Unending War – the ongoing conflict between the Ant Republic and the Wasp Empire, and why it is unending.
  • Six mission prompts – basic scenario types.
  • Advice on unifying individual missions into a campaign
  • Paragraphs on technology, mysticism, and larger beasts

I think this is probably as far as I will go with Army Ants. I love the concept, but there are two things that will stop me progressing to a campaign…

  • Most importantly, I know from experience that my players don’t like military-themed campaigns; they are more focussed on exploration and intrigue. While you can play any type of scenario with any rules, some are better suited to particular types of story – this game has a military focus.
  • After both the rules and the ref’s guide, and the free introductory comic, I still don’t see clearly what makes Army Ants unique, different from any other military-themed game, apart from the terrain (the ref’s backyard).

So, another one for the reference shelf, at least for me. Your Mileage May Vary.

  1. Thanks again for taking the time to review my game. I know that the nature of the game will lead you to military-style adventures, although I’m working on supplements that give the players more latitude; basically, I see many campaigns as being given a ‘prime directive’ and leaving the players to solve the specifics of following that directive- ‘protect the sand box from all threats’ or ‘explore the north field for one month and report back’ give the players flexibility but also keep them in the ant army.

    As far as the world itself, your gripe is a legitimate one, and one that I’m seriously thinking about. You are right to ask the question, and you are right to expect to have that information. The core design choice- that everything fits on one piece of paper- may need to be re-considered in order to bring the game to a larger audience. I know what sets the game and the world apart, but you are correct in your concern that the books so far don’t distinctly spell that out.

    I truly appreciate your time, and your honest criticism.


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