Irongrave Session 5

Posted: 19 August 2011 in Tryouts
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Nessime, Tenchi and the Warforged continued their quest for the Holy Handkerchief of St. Veronica, tracking its Orcish thieves upriver to an abandoned dwarven city. Here they found a small tribe of orcs, with a chieftain, an ogre, and a handful of dire wolves.

Convincing themselves that the dire wolves chained up in the guard rooms were actually werewolves, they bypassed these entirely and moved off towards the main entrance hall. The howling and barking from the dire wolves had roused the orcs, however, and a pitched battle emerged. Using a favourite tactic, the party retreated to a corridor where the orcs could only come at them two at a time, and inflicted massive casualties before the orcs decided to retreat and fight again another day.

During the combat, they killed the ogre (which they have yet to identify, beyond it being some kind of large orcish thing) and looted its body, whereupon they found the Holy Handkerchief in use as (what else) a handkerchief.

It is to be hoped that the necessary washing and purification will not damage the inherent magic of the relic.

Session 5 closed with the group resting in the city, having barred the exit to keep out werewolves. The paranoid fear of werewolves they have developed since session 3 is most gratifying.

Quote of the session: Nessime, wanting to throw rocks at orcs, discovering she had no Throwing skill, and scanning her character sheet to see what skills she did have:

“I Persuade the rocks to throw themselves at the orcs…”


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