Irongrave Backstories – 1

Posted: 12 August 2011 in Tryouts

One of the keys to gaming on the run is to let the players do the work for you. Not only does this save you time and effort as the GM, but it also makes the players feel good that their ideas are adopted, and tailors the game setting to what they want.

I got together for lunch with one of the player groups in the campaign, and as the first party in Irongrave, I also thought they should have the honour of deciding which pantheon is worshipped locally. They chose the Norse one. I can work with that.

Our conversation then turned to backstories for the characters. I just let them run with it for a while to see what happened, and here’s what came out…

Nessime is a young, inexperienced paladin, being sent on quests to prove her worth.

Tenchi the thief is on the run from the gang of highwaymen he used to run with in the forest (I’m picking up a Robin Hood vibe here) after one robbery netted the gang a clue to a prize of great value – something wizards would pay a lot of money for, but first he must collect all the pieces. Being greedy and overconfident, he stole the clue and left the gang. There’s safety in numbers, he reasons, so until he has collected enough of the set, he has joined the party.

The Warforged, who has yet to be given a name, responded well to my question of why anyone would build a warforged sorcerer. He is the former bodyguard of a great wizard from the last fallen empire; the player thought that constructs are immune to Fatigue (they aren’t) and so it would be valuable to the wizard to have a bodyguard with the Teleport power who wasn’t Fatigued by using it. That reasoning is faulty, but they do have bonuses to recover from Shaken and don’t suffer wound penalites, so the underlying idea seems sound enough. The reason he no longer knows his name, the Teleport power, or his original native language is that his memory core has been stolen.

Unknown to any of the party, I decided the Warforged’s memory core is one of the items Tenchi must collect. Tenchi knows what it looks like, but not what it does; the Warforged knows what it does, but not what it looks like, due to his amnesia.

I can see myself having fun with this.


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