Review: SORD PF

Posted: 3 August 2011 in Reviews

The Systems Operations Reference Document for Pathfinder is a set of quick reference tables for the GM, aimed at speeding up play while making it easy for players (and the GM) to include the more esoteric aspects of the rules.

Thus, it’s essentially a different presentation of the rules I’ve already reviewed for Pathfinder. So, this post focuses more on format than content.

The Good

  • Good use of subdued colours to group things. The light tones mean it’s still pretty legible in black and white.
  • Most topics are covered on a single page – much less flipping backwards and forwards to find a hard-to-spot rule.
  • It’s actually not bad as a condensed rulebook. It’s less than 10% the size of the main rules, but I think I could run a game with this and the character sheets, assuming spell details were on the sheets. Maybe I should try that and see how it goes.

The Bad

  • When the quick reference sheets are nearly 40 pages long, without monsters, spells or treasure, I have to wonder whether the game is too complex for me. Still, my son is keen to play, so it should be worth it. That’s more about Pathfinder than it is about this product, though.


  • I can’t yet say whether the claim of knocking 15 minutes off every combat is true, but I can see it reducing time and stress spent looking for obscure rules in the heat of a session.
  • Given the size and expense of the Pathfinder Core Rules, it’s worth spending a few extra bucks for SORD as well. Recommended.
  1. Mike says:

    Check out this web page

    For a superb free program for tracking combats, it even has the srd built in to. I have been using it for a few months now it really does save 15 minutes a combat if you don’ t mind using a laptop at your gaming table

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