Review of The Wild Hunt

I’m feeling lazy this weekend, so you get this instead of my normal ramblings.

The Wild Hunt was Pinnacle’s contribution to Free RPG Day 2011. It’s a contemporary horror scenario, with Savage Worlds test drive rules, figure flats, and pregenerated characters. 16 pages long, free to download here.


  • The more compact format for the test drive rules. They appear to be version 6; I wonder if the Deluxe Edition will result in a version 7?
  • Gender-neutral names for PCs, and figure flats for each character in either gender.

Didn’t Like

  • Nothing, really.


  • Does the job as an introduction to SW, and could be worked into most existing campaigns with a horror component – all you need to do is replace the bus with an appropriate form of transport, and the pregens with your own group’s PCs.
  • I’ll probably replace my standard Test Drive v6 with the version of the rules here, purely because it’ll take up less room in my trusty display book.

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