Review of CSP and Paratime

Posted: 15 June 2011 in Reviews

This review is just to alert you to the fine cartography available at two sites; Crooked Staff Productions and Paratime Design. Assuming you didn’t already know, that is.


Crooked Staff Productions offers a wide range of free downloads, mostly aimed at Tolkienesque fantasy. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Interior maps of common mediaeval structures.
  • A range of 30 modular, greyscale dungeon maps, 100′ x 100′. Each is available as a 5′ to 1" battlemat, or as a one page dungeon style sheet for the GM. These are delightful, and my only complaint is that the GM version should have had the rooms numbered.
  • Similar modules for science fiction "dungeons". These ones are coloured and numbered, but JPEG files rather than PDFs.
  • Continental and regional scale maps of the artist’s own campaign world, which mimic the look of the endpaper maps in The Lord of the Rings.
  • Detailed small settlements and adventures from that campaign world, ready to drop into your own campaign


Paratime Design also has a number of free downloads, which are governed by the Creative Commons licence. They include, but again are not limited to:

  • Dungeons. Literally hundreds of dungeons of all sizes, in numerous formats; greyscale, coloured, textured, old-school blue, with numbers, without numbers, it’s all here.
  • Interior maps of common mediaeval structures. To my mind these complement the CSP ones rather than duplicating them.
  • Starship deck plans.

I intend to use the CSP modular greyscale dungeons as complexes within the Irongrave megadungeon, and both those and the Paratime dungeons as one-off, smaller labyrinths.

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