Dungeon Generators Update

Posted: 10 June 2011 in Reflections

I think I’ve realised why the dungeon generators posts are so popular. People aren’t looking for examples of the generators in use, pen and paper style; they’re looking for online or downloadable tools to generate dungeons for them.

Sorry, guys. I can be slow sometimes.

So, here are some links to those very things… I have limited the list to those which will create the dungeon for you, which excludes mapping tools where you draw your own, those which stock the dungeon without drawing a map of it, and computer games which generate dungeons (because you can never print them out).

I’ve been tracking this topic for about 10 years now, and generators disappear frequently, as copyright holders object, programmers update their code, and websites are abandoned. So, if you find one you like, use it while it’s there, and download an offline copy if you can.


Gozzy’s dungeon generator is system neutral, and creates some nice-looking maps. No dungeon stocking.

D&D 4E

Masterplan generates 4E dungeons using official D&D tiles, stocks it with or without your help, allows you to link dungeons and encounters into an ongoing story arc, provides tools to help the DM run skill challenges and combat, portable app so you can run it from a USB stick, has a Facebook page about updates, brings you beer and nachos. OK, I lied about the beer and nachos, but it’ll do pretty much everything else. The only downside is that for copyright reasons you have to enter monster stats before it will use them – they are not pre-loaded. This is the one I’d pick if I were still running 4E, and every so often I wonder if I could use it for other games.

Random dungeon generator for the iPad; I don’t have one, so I can only go by the screenshots, which look like it generates the dungeon and stocks it, but without details of the monsters.

Dungen – similar, but for Android cellphones.


Jamis Buck’s dungeon generator. Draws and stocks the dungeon for you. Offline version used to be available, but I can’t find it any more. This was my go-to generator for the pickup games I used to run for my kids. Also hosted here.

WotC Mapper generates and stocks the dungeon for you, similar functionality to Jamis Buck’s one but slightly prettier layout.

Donjon dungeon generator: Generates and stocks the dungeon, allows download of DM and player maps.


I got nuthin’, sorry; couldn’t find a generator for any of these online. Possibly because the games themselves are essentially dungeon generators. If you know of one, I’d love to hear from you.


I guess that pretty much closes the topic for me, so no more dungeon generator posts for you! Go forth, and use these tools!

  1. drow says:

    there’s also a 4e version of the donjon generator…

    there are also several geomorph based generators available, such as


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