Review of Mandate Archive – the Qotah

Posted: 8 June 2011 in Reviews

This is the latest Mandate Archive – a series of free web supplements for the Stars Without Number RPG. Free to download, 7 pages long, this details an alien race for that game.

The Qotah are avian humanoids, driven by aggressive fury and honour. Their word, once given, is sacrosanct, but they prefer fighting as a means to achieve any goal.

The supplement covers the history, physiology and pscychology of the Qotah; their social structure and internal factions; how to generate a Qotah PC; a statblock for a typical Qotah warrior; tables for generating Qotah names and plot seeds; and a handful of capsule descriptions for Qotah NPCs. The supplement ends with a one-page player handout aimed at those who will play a Qotah.

Character generation is by the time-honoured method of modiiers on attributes. Unusually, these are not applied to the dice rolls themselves, but to the modifiers they generate. Thus, a Qotah PC has a -1 Strength modifier; suppose he rolled 15 for Strength, gaining a +1 bonus, his actual bonus on die rolls would be +1 -1 = 0.

Kevin Crawford and Sine Nomine Publishing continue to deliver the goods, packing a great deal of interesting background and rules into a very small page count. Every time I read one of these I want to drop my campaigns and start running his. So far I have resisted…


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