Logris and Camber

Posted: 27 May 2011 in Settings
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Players being what they are, and Irongrave being a sandbox campaign, at some point they will stray beyond the city and the dungeon. So, I zoomed out one level and did a rough draft, which you see below. Hexes on this map are 25 miles across rather than the usual 5 miles.



In the time of the PCs’ grandfathers, Logris was invaded by Neustrians from the south. Most nobles are still Neustrian, and most commoners are still Logrian; but two generations on, intermarriage is starting to break down the barriers between classes and nationalities.

  • Area: 24,898 square miles (46 hexes, 10 of which heavily populated).
  • Average Population Density: 40 per square mile.
  • Total Population: 995,929; 7% urban, 93% rural.
  • Cities (Population): Kaerlud (17,963), Cantwareburh (14,371), Eborakon (12,934), Deva (11,640), Irongrave (10,476). Eborakon is off-map to the north, at the other end of the Great North Road.
  • Ruler: King Enricus the Scholar, Lion of Justice. Enricus’ heir apparent is his oldest son, Wilmar.
  • Languages: Logrian (the Common Tongue); Neustrian (the Noble Tongue); Urosman (language of the long-fallen Empire of the Wolf, still used by scholars).


Camber is populated by orcs, the original inhabitants of both Logris and Camber (then simply called Camber) over a millenium ago, who were pushed west out of the best agricultural land by the Empire of the Wolf. When the empire fell, humans from the south-east moved into the power vacuum, settling in large numbers and renaming their lands Logris. The orcs, and their allies the goblins, have neither forgotten that Logris was originally theirs, nor forgiven those who displaced them.

  • Area: 3,789 square miles (7 hexes, 2 of which heavily populated).
  • Average Population Density: 53 per square mile.
  • Total Population: 200,810; 4% urban, 96% rural.
  • City (Population): Caerdydd (8,066).
  • Rulers: Cadwgan, Lord of Cynon (hex 0304); Gruffyd, Lord of Mathrafal (hex 0402).
  • Languages: Orcish (“the Black Speech”)

By the way: In my mind, at least, the orcs are neanderthals, who survived longer in this universe than in ours.


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