Arion’s Log, 135-3011 to 176-3011

Posted: 24 May 2011 in Arioniad
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Arion continues to meander across the Imagoes subsector during this 7 week period, before exiting it, bound for Corinth.

I did dice through this, with the upshot that the crew made a killing on cybernetics parts on Indiarza, and had a wide range of encounters, only one of which resulted in a fight – since that was two fugitives armed with knives trying to stow away, versus Our Heroes with guns and body armour, it was a one-sided affair and soon over. None of those individually seemed worth a post.

The Dolphin leaves the subsector with 9,219,214 Credits on hand; I’ll dock them 600k for replacing the air/raft on their way home, leaving them with a cash balance of Cr 8,619,214.

The Arioniad so far has shown me that Classic Traveller works really well as a portable, solo game. With Flanf’s dice roller and a PDF of the rules, it’s entirely feasible to run a whole campaign on my laptop in my lunch hour. However, without a referee to inject adventures, CT becomes an exercise in world-building and trading, with little in the way of conflict.

That is too much like the day job for me, so the Dolphin is moving on again, into an experiment with Stars Without Number. Watch for The Arioniad Season 3: Heart of the Scorpion, coming soon to a monitor near you.

  1. thetailrace says:

    looking forward to it! 🙂

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