Arion’s Log, 132-3011 to 134-3011

Posted: 17 May 2011 in Arioniad
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Arion, Coriander and Dmitri were last seen captured by the Battle Dress Dude and his half-dozen accomplices, who wish to relieve them of their money. Now read on…

A more than somewhat singed Arion and Dmitri are in a dingy, improvised cell when the door opens, and a dishevelled Coriander is pushed in. The door slams and locks behind her.

Actually, something I got wrong last time was that flamers ignore armour. This would make our heroes even more singed. I’ll chalk that up to experience and press on.

"Are you OK?" asks Arion. "They didn’t try to… well…"

"Force themselves on me? A bit. But I can Lower more Traits than you might think. They didn’t like that much." She rubs bruises on her arms and face. "Also, they are bound to get suspicious at some point."

A scrabbling noise comes from the ceiling, followed by dust, and then – as the trio glance upwards – by a fist-sized metal spider. It makes its way carefully down the wall, and across the floor to Arion.

"Hello, Dolphin," says Arion. "Took your time, but we’re glad to see you all the same."

The spider responds by using one leg to scratch a message in the dust, which it erases after giving them a moment to read it.

"Police on way."

"You used the comm to flag weapons violations, yes?" The spider nods by rocking itself backwards and forwards on its legs. "What’s that lump on you?"

"IED," the spider scribbles.

"We’d better look for something solid to hide in," says Dmitri. "The police will have whatever they think they need to deal with battle dress and plasma guns, and they might come in shooting."

"Hadn’t thought of that."

"Not the only thing you didn’t think of today." Arion opens his mouth to reply, then decides Dmitri has a point. The spider scribbles again.

"Will come in shooting. Distraction. Escape."

"You know this how?" asks Arion.

"Track record – press," the spider writes.

"Dmitri," says Coriander, "What would you use to deal with battle dress and plasma guns?"

"Anti-tank missiles."

"So when you say something solid, you mean really solid."

"Oh yes."

"Escape how?" asks Arion.

"Sewer." It marks an X on the floor. "Tamp unit stand back. Unit 2 in pipe."

The spider rolls over, and Arion scurries to cover it with the heaviest stuff he can find.

"You in the warehouse," booms another amplified voice. "Throw out your weapons and come out with your hands up."

A reaction roll here for the desperadoes. 8; dithering.

"We have hostages," calls the leader.

"If we die, the government gets the ship," Dmitri points out.

"Over there, in that corner," calls Arion. "Cover your ears. Fire in the hole!"

The spider sets off a small shaped charge, blowing a hole in the floor and the pipe beneath.

The police open fire. The brigands return fire. Arion pushes his friends into the sewer, then follows. Below, a second spider waits to lead them back to the ship.

"And what valuable lesson have we learned today?" shouts Dmitri, over the ringing in everyone’s ears.

"We need bigger guns," Arion shouts back. "Really big frakkin’ guns."

Coriander and the spider look at each other, and shake their heads in despair.

Trading: Once everyone has cleaned up, and been interviewed by the police, Coriander is offered 30 tons of Cybernetics Parts at 70% of the usual 250,000 per ton. The next port of call, Indiarza, is Non-Industrial, with a +4 resale DM, so that looks like a good buy. She takes 7 tons, and pays Cr 1,225,000, plus a Cr 52,500 handling fee for splitting the cargo.

The Dolphin leaves Esusce behind without further encounters or regret, and heads for Indiarza with 7 tons of cybernetics parts and Cr 2,297,214 in negotiable instruments of some sort.

  1. thetailrace says:

    Really big frakkin guns? my old group tackled problems with ‘J-o-T and a hammer!’ 🙂

    • andyslack says:

      Of course, if you’re really good all you need is a knife in your boot… 🙂

      • thetailrace says:

        or a piece of string. 😀

        Seriously hough it was a good idea to have the ship help get the team out of its tight spot. It does seem logical that a ship designed to be operated by a single person would be equipped with resources to enable rescue attempts.

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