Posted: 3 May 2011 in Arioniad
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I know from what I had to work out for Ustianan that Esusce’s oligarchy (which claims to be a democracy) has a power base rooted in the planet’s limited manufacturing base, and culturally they are unfailingly polite. I also decided that the rulers are secretly clones as well. Likewise, the alliance with Inleer is known from thinking about the naval situation. Here’s one of the advantages of a sandbox campaign; detail builds upon detail, until eventually it flows almost without thinking.

Starport: A. Excellent installation, with refined fuel and facilities for starship construction, annual overhauls, etc. Naval base present.

Size: 4. Diameter 4,000 miles, surface gravity 50% standard, safe jump distance 400,000 miles (4 hours at 1G)

Atmosphere: 4. Thin, tainted; those venturing outside require a filter mask.

Hydrographics: 2. Oceans cover 20% of the surface.

Population: 3. Thousands of inhabitants.

Government: 3. Self-perpetuating oligarchy.

Law Level: 3. Concealed, military, energy, explosive, and chemical/biological weapons are prohibited.

Tech Level: 13. Above average. Battle dress, type Q drives, cloning.

Trade Classifications: Non-industrial, poor. Main imports: Aluminium, special alloys, body armour, cybernetic parts. Main exports: Gems, petrochemicals.

Gas Giant: Yes.

Alignment: Confederation of Esusce

Esusce is capital of the Confederation of Esusce, and allied to Inleer and its fledgling empire. While it is nominally a representative democracy, candidates for office must hold a minimum number of shares in one of the high-tech mining and manufacturing companies which are crucial to the economy; since these use closely-held stock, generally inherited from previous corporate officers, the de facto position is of an hereditary oligarchy. The ruling elite are rarely seen in public, but when they are, the family resemblance between generations is quite striking, leading to rumours of inbreeding.

The law-abiding traveller has little to fear here, given the unfailing courtesy of the population.


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