Arion’s Log, 115-3011 to 121-3011

Posted: 26 April 2011 in Arioniad
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Firstly, I’m drawn more and more to the idea of telepathy and clairvoyance being trappings rather than powers in their own right; so I’ve replaced Coriander’s Mind-Reading power with Speak Language.

Secondly, I’ve decided that Arion needs to succeed with a Piloting skill roll at -4 to identify where he is, after which he can plot a route home; he can roll once per week to do this. For a run home, I’m unlikely to need maps of any intervening subsectors.

As usual, I roll the encounters en masse and then weave a storyline around them.

Arion’s research pays off in the first week; he rolls a 6 on his Piloting d8, and a 6 on the Wild Die he gets for being a PC. This allows him to keep the 6, roll the d6 again and add the resulting 4 to his score; total 10, which is enough. I now determine the direction and distance of the misjump which brought them here; under CT rules, this will be 1-6 d6 hexes in a random direction. That proves to be 5d6, resolving to 19 hexes, in direction 1 (counting from the top clockwise); home is therefore 19 hexes due "north" of Betiqu – a trip of about 2-3 months under ideal conditions. So, the Attica Subsector is two subectors "north" of the Imagoes one, and Arion misjumped from Ephesus.

While Arion is up to his elbows in holographic star charts, Dmitri and Coriander are out on the town.

Arion’s Log, 115-3011

Legal encounter, reaction 4 (attack on 8+) followed by a 6. The pair are released with a caution for some minor transgression, no doubt caused by Coriander’s Clueless hindrance.

Coriander did something silly today, while she and Dmitri were out seeing the sights – such as they are. Neither of them wanted to explain what it was, but Dmitri said the police were very unhappy, and they were lucky to get off without a beating. He paid a fine out of petty cash instead. Hopefully they will be more circumspect in future.

I spent all day at the Port Authority Navigation Office, trying to work out where we are. I’ll be doing that every day until I can plot a course home, so the log may not be updated every day.


Random encounter. 3 peasants, reaction 9. Not even worth working out, I feel.


Random encounter. 3 researchers, reaction 7.

I met a few researchers at the Navigation Office, who recognised me as not from around here. I invited them back to the ship to exchange astrogation data; they had no information on the Attica Subsector, but we did have a couple of navigational marker stars with similar spectra on our charts, and when we exchanged pulsar data I think I found a match. This should help with the route plotting considerably.


Patron encounter; Merchant. Probably he wants to come with them to scout out potential markets in Attica. I decide to roll reactions; none of the crew rolled higher than 5, so they don’t like him; he rolled equally poorly for Arion and Dmitri, but an 11 for Coriander – no surprise, everyone likes Coriander.

Today, I finished plotting our route home and logged it with the Port Authority. Soon afterwards, a local shipping firm sent a representative to call on us. Not unreasonably, they want to send someone with us to Attica and see what trade possibilities there are; none of us liked him, and I especially didn’t like the way he looked at Coriander.

Certainly, it would be useful to have someone with local knowledge on hand for the next few jumps; and you have to get used to crewing a ship with people you don’t like in the Service. However, we don’t like him, we have enough money not to take him on if we don’t want to, and there’s always the chance he is a hijacker or pirate of some sort – even a small, banged-up ship like this is worth a lot, and I suspect the local authorities wouldn’t exactly bust a gut for us if anything happened.


The Dolphin lifts off from Ustianan Downport, en route to Esusce.

I now have sufficient information to plot a course back to Athenai. Next stop, Esusce.

It’s surprising how little actual conflict the CT rules generate, left to themselves, isn’t it? The plots and combat require referee input, it seems. However, as expected, it’s a campaign I can run in my lunch hour at work, with no more than a handful of dice, a notepad, and the Starter Traveller charts book. That fills a hole in my gaming life nicely, meaning that pretty much every day I want to play, I can.


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