Arion’s Log, 101-3011 to 114-3011

Posted: 12 April 2011 in Arioniad
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An entry for two weeks this time, as Arion & Co. have the Dolphin overhauled and some guns fitted.

Encounters are diced up en masse as usual, then worked into a storyline. The group elects to stay in or near the starport while the overhaul occurs, in case supervision is needed; so no animal encounters. Unsurprisingly, there are no legal encounters on this Law Level 3 planet. There are no patron encounters either. Random encounters occur on days 1, 6 and 14. Respectively, they are: 4 workers, reaction 9; 2 peasants, reaction 6; 4 guards, reaction 10.

Arion’s Log, 101-3011

After an uneventful week in jumpspace, we emerged in the Ustianan system. We encountered a patrol boat; this was initially suspicious but Coriander, who seems to have a talent for communications work, persuaded them of our peaceful intentions, and we touched down without incident.

Entering the system, the Dolphin encounters a patrol – an armed Type Y yacht (I’m using the 1977 encounter tables because I like them better.) They haven’t actually left yet, so I’ll leave the second encounter until they do. A reaction of 5 shows they are hostile and may attack, but a successful Persuasion roll by Coriander convinces the patrol they mean no harm, and they are allowed to land.

On landing, we were approached by a group of starport workers who guided us in to a docking bay and checked its seals. They seemed very affable.

They are “intrigued” according to the reaction dice, and Coriander has the Attractive edge, so my guess is they are intrigued by her.


The week on the ground has been as uneventful as the preceding week spaceborne. Aside from our business contacts with the starport, and visits to the local restaurants and entertainment venues, we encountered only a couple of peasants who seemed content to let us be so long as we let them be.


Arion, Coriander and Dmitri are sitting in a cafe, plotting their next move, and in the case of the men, nursing hangovers as well.

A group of guardsmen in ceremonial uniforms, carrying halberds and daggers, enter and move up to the bar, where they order drinks. After taking seats and nudging each other for a while, one of them stands up and approaches.

“Hey, lovely lady,” he says. “Want to join us? I guarantee you we’ll be more fun than these two.” Coriander focusses intently on him, smiles, and says “Thank you, but I’m fine where I am.”

Coriander uses Boost/Lower Trait to boost her Persuasion – succcess and a raise, taking it to d10 – and then makes a persuasion roll of 7 to send him away. “This isn’t the girl you’re looking for.” Initially, I thought Boost Trait wasn’t much use, but I find myself relying on it more and more as a key power.

The guardsman returns to his friends, not entirely sure why he is now convinced Coriander is not to be disturbed. A little later they finish their drinks and leave, at which point Arion and Dmitri both move their hands a little further from their holsters, and relax.

“I told the shipyard to put some guns in the double turret,” said Arion. “So, where does that leave us financially?”

“What’d you order?” asked Dmitri.

“Beam laser and missile rack.”

“Okay then. Figure 30K for the overhaul. 1750K for the weapons,” said Dmitri, making rough calculations on his commpad. “When we get to leaving, 20K for fuel and 8K for life support replen. That will leave us about four and a quarter million in the bank.”

“Less 600K to replace the air/raft.”

“Look, I’ve been thinking about that. If we leave the bay empty, we can call it a second cargo hold. That gives us 7 tons of cargo. We’ll have guns, and I can claim to be the ship’s gunner.”

“Wait, you’re a qualified gunner?”

“Who’s going to travel Klono knows how many parsecs to check? I’m sure we can, ahh, dig out some suitable paperwork. With a little, errm, advice and guidance from Coriander I’m sure I can pass any actual tests. Anyway, with that cargo space and a gunner, we can take on a mail contract. 25K per month, which would keep us going when the money runs out, so long as we stick to refined fuel.”

“Or, we could hang around here for a while,” said Coriander, brightly. “It’s a nice place.”

“You’re certainly very popular,” observed Dmitri.

“That’s tempting,” said Arion, rubbing his chin. “They appear to have the best computers and databases in the subsector. Maybe I can figure out where we are, plot a route home. How long could we stay here on what we have left?” Dmitri tapped on his commpad.

“Let’s say high living for all three of us, and berthing fees on the ship… call it 3K per month, all up. Four million or so would keep us going for… Wow. A hundred and eleven years.”

“So, we could put the decision off for a few days, then?”

“If you like.”

“In that case, I don’t have to fly tomorrow. Another round of whiskies is in order, I think.”

  1. Erin says:

    I’m really enjoying this, Andy. Another round of whiskies indeed. šŸ˜‰

  2. I’m in for Whisky! Just don’t spill on my new iPad 2!

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