Stars Without Number Savaged: Part 1

Posted: 9 April 2011 in Rules
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At some point I’m going to try Savage Worlds PCs in the Stars Without Number universe. You know it. I know it. So let’s take a stab at some conversion rules; part 1 – Characters.


SWN Characteristic 3 4-7 8-13 14-17 18
SWN Skill Level 0 1 2 3 4
SW Trait d4-2 d4 d6 d8 d10 d12


Here’s a list of SWN skills, with SW equivalents. Note the importance of Knowledge, and therefore Smarts, in this setting.

  • Artist: Knowledge, specify art character is familiar with.
  • Athletics: Climbing, Swimming
  • Bureaucracy, Business: Persuasion
  • Combat: Fighting, Shooting and/or Throwing, as appropriate
  • Computer: Knowledge/Computers
  • Culture: Common Knowledge – don’t forget the +2 and –2 modifiers for familiarity or lack of knowledge based on the character’s story.
  • Exosuit: Knowledge/Exosuit
  • Gambling: Gambling
  • History: Knowledge/History
  • Instructor: Knowledge/Teaching
  • Language: PCs enter the game able to speak, read and write as many languages as half their Smarts, one of which must be English. Additional languages can be learned as Knowledge skills.
  • Leadership: This is best represented by the SW Leadership edges rather than a skill.
  • Navigation:Knowledge/Navigation
  • Perception: Notice
  • Persuade: Persuasion
  • Profession: Professions are best represented by Knowledge skills.
  • Religion: Knowledge/Religion
  • Science: Knowledge/Science
  • Security: Lockpicking and/or Knowledge/Security, and possibly the Investigator edge.
  • Stealth: Stealth
  • Steward: Common Knowledge
  • Survival: Survival
  • Tactics: Knowledge/Tactics
  • Tech: Repair
  • Vehicle: Boating, Driving or Piloting, as appropriate

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