Hydra Sector Players’ Map

Posted: 7 April 2011 in Settings

Here is the players’ map of the Hydra Sector from Stars Without Number. This is available from the Gateway Navigation Bureau.

I took the map on p. 177 of the rulebook and redid it in Hexographer, showing as captions some data which SWN extracts into separate tables. The grey lines are known trade routes. Captions in italics show the presence of alien races.


  1. David says:

    Whenever I see the name Gateway, I have to do a double-take as Gateway, to me, is the Sector/Quadrant to Trailing with the K’kree just over the border.

    The Stellar Reaches fanzine did a great job on exploring this region, building on earlier material that had appeared in one of the MegaTraveller Journals.

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