Posted: 5 April 2011 in Arioniad
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As usual for this subsector, I start with the randomly-generated world name and run it through Google to see what it might mean. Of half a dozen possibilities, I settle on Ustian, a 19th-century Armenian girls’ name, largely because it is derived from the Latin "ustus", meaning "honest". This immediately gives me a cultural tag for the world.

The original settlers of Ustianan were Armenians, and over the centuries they have developed a reputation for honesty and fair dealing.

Starport: A. Excellent installation, with refined fuel and facilities for starship construction, annual overhauls, etc. Naval base present.

Size: 3. Diameter 3,000 miles, surface gravity 38% standard, safe jump distance 300,000 miles (4 hours at 1G)

Atmosphere: 3. Very thin, those venturing outside require a compressor mask.

Hydrographics: 3. Oceans cover 30% of the surface.

Population: 6. Millions of inhabitants.

Government: 4. Representative democracy.

Law Level: 3. Concealed, military, energy, explosive, and chemical/biological weapons are prohibited.

Tech Level: 12. High average interstellar community. Grav belts, robots, class N drives.

Trade Classifications: Non-agricultural, non-industrial, poor. Main imports: Cybernetic parts, computer parts, machine tools. Main exports: Gems, petrochemicals, textiles.

Gas Giant: Yes.

Alignment: Confederation of Esusce

To work out the interstellar government, I had a quick look at the dominant partner in this micro-state, Esusce. Starting with an internet search on the name, I got hits on a Taiwanese auto parts manufacturer, fog lamps, and a common mispronunciation of “Excuse me!” for non-native English speakers. Esusce’s oligarchy thus has a power base rooted in the planet’s limited manufacturing base, and culturally they are unfailingly polite. Since CT places cloning at Esusce’s TL of 13, just for fun we’ll say the rulers are secretly clones as well. The oligarchy probably presents itself as a democracy, so we’ll go with Confederation for the name of the state – while the two worlds present a united front to other powers, individual citizens deal with their planetary governments, not with the Confederation government as a whole.

  1. David says:

    So, when the adventurers say, “These bleedin’ Esusceans all look the same!”, they’re not being culturally insensitive. It is actually true. 😉

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