Ispitan – October 986

Posted: 3 April 2011 in Talomir Nights

This is another session where I didn’t need to break out the scenery and figures. Ispitan and Eyjolf have escaped from Valdemar’s camp, and are fleeing across country towards Acromerinth, with Valdemar and his comrades in pursuit. Ispitan’s head start is 1d6 less the region’s ER in hours, which turns out to be 3 hours. The pursuing party’s CV is determined by rolling 1d6 and adding the local ER, then checking the table in the scenario, which gives us 10 CV of pursuers since Ispitan and Eyjolf are currently 5 CV between them. Some dice rolls on the army list reveal the pursuers as two skirmishers, two retinue infantry, four borderers, and one retinue cavalry – I decide this last is Valdemar, out for revenge.

Again, I don’t need terrain or figures unless the two groups meet, so a table is a good way to track things until that point. “Star pass” and “Val pass” show how many dice each side passes against the lowest Rep present in its pursuit turn, which drives changes to the Lead in hours and the Reps of both star and pursuer.

Pursuit Turn Star Pass Val Pass Lead Star Rep Val Rep
1 2 1 4 4 2
2 4 1 6 4 1
3 3 1 8 4 2
4 2 2 8 4 2
5 2 2 8 4 2
6 2 2 8 4 2
7 2 1 9 4 1
8 4 1 10 4 0

At the end of turn one, Valdemar orders his skirmishers home, as their low Rep is reducing his chances of catching up. At the end of turn three, he sends the rest of the foot home and pursues alone on horseback. By then, however, his effective Rep is too low to catch up. Once Ispitan increases his lead to 10 or more hours, the pursuers are hopelessly outdistanced and give up. Ispitan has survived another encounter, and so rolls to improve his Rep, Hardiness and Social Standing. He rolls 3, 6, 4, so that his Rep stays at 5, his Hardiness increases to 4, and his SS stays the same at 6.

Name Class Rep Hard Weapon AC Move Notes SS Align
Ispitan Missile 5 4 Staff 2 8” Caster 6 TW
Eyjolf Melee 4 Spear 2 8” SS
Valdemar Mtd Melee 6 4 Spear 4 12” Elite SS
Retinue Cavalry Mtd Melee 5 Spear 4 12” Elite SS
Retinue Infantry Melee 4 Spear 4 6” SS
Borderer Melee 4 Spear 2 8” SS
Skirmisher Missile 3 Bow 2 8” SS

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