Escape from WHAA

Posted: 31 March 2011 in Rules

After Ispitan’s recent escape from Valdemar, one of the authors of WHAA (Bob Minadeo – thanks Bob!) kindly advised me that in earlier drafts of the rules, the alarm was raised if the die roll was the turn number or less on 1d6, and suggesting that as an optional rule.

Here are the chances of the alarm being raised per turn, and cumulatively, under either approach…

Turn RAW This Turn RAW Cumulative Option This Turn Option Cumulative
1 17% 17% 17% 17%
2 17% 31% 33% 44%
3 17% 42% 50% 72%
4 17% 52% 67% 91%
5 17% 60% 83% 98%
6 17% 67% 100% 100%

Assuming your group moves 8” per turn, and starts in the centre of the board, 24” from the nearest edge, it has a better than even chance of escaping without the alarm being raised using the Rules As Written, and about one chance in four of doing so using the optional rule.

Your call – whatever you think would suit your game better.


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