Posted: 22 March 2011 in Arioniad
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Using Google to check on what Erriin might mean, I discover that Google thinks I should have typed Errin, which could be an Irish girl’s name, a birth control pill, or the European Regions Research and Innovation Network. Replace "European" with "Empire" and you have a science-fiction version. I’ll go with the girl’s name for now, give the place an Irish feel, and leave the Network as a possible secret organisation to be uncovered in future adventures, as the patron dice dictate.

Erriin is part of the four-world state controlled by Inlaarin, so it would be useful to know something about that empire’s government; the simplest thing is to say that like Inlaarin itself, this is a charismatic dictatorship. I dub the mini-empire the Republic of Inlaarin, since watching the news on TV suggests to me that most dictators call their states republics, and themselves Presidents. I also need to work out the derivation of Inlaarin; a little Google-fu suggests the most likely origin is the Estonian surname Laarin, so I’ll assume Inlaarin’s earliest settlers were Estonians. That’s all I need to know about them for now.

Starport: C. Routine quality installation; unrefined fuel, reasonable repair facilities. Scout base present.

Size: A. Diameter 10,000 miles, surface gravity 125% standard, safe jump distance 10 million miles (7 hours at 1G)

Atmosphere: 8. Dense, but breathable.

Hydrographics: A. Surface is completely covered in seas; water world.

Population: 7. Tens of millions of inhabitants.

Government: 6. Captive government, answerable to a governor appointed by the President of the Republic of Inlaarin.

Law Level: 9. All weapons are prohibited.

Tech Level: 7. Equivalent to contemporary Earth.

Trade Classifications: Rich. Main imports: Gems, pharmaceuticals. Main exports: Machine tools; polymers, body armour, aircraft, electronic parts, mechanical parts, computer parts.

Gas Giant: No.

Alignment: Republic of Inlaarin, which maintains a Scout base locally.

Most of Erriin’s inhabitants lead the life of ocean nomads, following the currents and shoals of local fish. There are a few small islands in an equatorial chain, mostly of volcanic origin; the largest of these houses the starport and capital city.

Erriin is ruled by a Governor-General appointed by the President of the Republic or Inlaarin, which seized control of the world several decades ago, presumably because of its wealth and mild climate. It is unclear why the previous government surrendered to Inlaarin, but whatever the reason, the masses do not agree with it. Since the population density is very low, however, the vastly-outnumbered occupying forces perforce content themselves with controlling the starport and offworld trade. The occupation thus has little direct impact on the average inhabitant.

Theoretically, no citizen may bear weapons outside his home, but in practice the Republic’s military is unable to enforce this; their only recourse is to use orbital laser and missile fire to suppress concentrations of rebels, and superior cyber-warfare to control the economy; individuals who stay away from major cities, far apart from each other, and communicate by low-tech channels are relatively safe.


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