Two Hour Irongrave

Posted: 11 March 2011 in Settings

Since Nick got Xbox Live, and Giulia and Tenchi became occupied with home improvement, the Irongrave campaign has gone dormant. I pat myself on the back for not spending a lot of time working out background or scenarios; perhaps over the summer holidays or Christmas we’ll come back to it as a family.

Meanwhile, I like the idea of Warrior Heroes dungeon bashes, so once Ispitan and Company have returned safely home – or died in the attempt – I shall start a new WHAA party and send them into the Irongrave dungeon. There’s no reason why they can’t peacefully coexist with Savage Worlds heroes in the same setting.

The Welsh border in 1011 AD is a reasonable match for WHAA’s Border Kingdoms, with the Black Mountains being orc and goblin lands as previously advertised, and the Order Militant being treated as the Brethren; so I can steal things like encounter tables and army lists from WHAA.

Another mashup created.



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