Random Monsters

Posted: 4 March 2011 in Rules

As with random treasure, I sometimes find it useful to have random monster tables. For these occasions, I rank monsters much like characters, and pit them against appropriate parties. Monsters are assigned to ranks based on the rough encounter balancing guidelines from the Savage Worlds forum, which compare monster Toughness to PC damage.

To calculate PC damage, I assume Novices have Strength d6 and use shortswords, Seasoned characters have Strength d8 and use longswords, and so on. This gives the indicated average damage.

Die Novice Seasoned Veteran Heroic Legendary
Average Damage 6 8 10 12 13 or more
Toughness 7 or less 8-9 10-11 12-13 14 or more
1 Cannibal Alligator Bear Shark, Great White Drake*
2 Dire Wolf Horse, Riding Bull   Dragon*
3 Dog/Wolf Lion Horse, War   Elemental, Earth
4 Elemental, Air Mule Mech, Sentinel   Liche*
5 Elemental, Fire Orc Minotaur   Worm, Giant*
6 Elemental, Water Vampire, Young Orc, Chieftain*    
7 Ghost   Ogre    
8 Goblin   Troll    
9 Shark, Medium Man-Eater   Vampire, Ancient*    
10 Skeleton        
11 Snake, Constrictor        
12 Snake, Venomous        
13 Soldier        
14 Soldier, Experienced        
15 Spider, Giant        
16 Swarm        
17 Werewolf*        
18 Zombie        

This table has all the villains, monsters and stock NPCs from the Explorers’ Edition rulebook – add or delete as appropriate for your campaign, the Toughness line shows where to slot them in.

Typically, there will be two monsters per PC – numbers are halved for Wild Card monsters, denoted by *. For example, four Veteran PCs could be matched against 8 Minotaurs or 4 Ancient Vampires.

A column shift halves the numbers of the advantaged side, or doubles them for the disadvantaged side. For example, four Veteran PCs could be matched against a pair of Earth Elementals.


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