It’s HOW Big?!?

Posted: 10 February 2011 in Reflections

This came about because I started wondering what different animal sizes from assorted games meant compared to each other, and to real creatures. It’s the sort of table I think will be very useful, spend ages working out, and then never actually use, because the act of working it out gives me enough of a feel to wing it during games. The sort of player questions it was intended to help me answer are:

  • “How much does that dire wolf carcass weigh? Can we fit it in the back of the cart?”
  • “How big is a 30-ton pouncer, anyway?”
  • “How many kangaroos do we need on the other side of the scales to balance his character?”
Classic Traveller Savage Worlds d20, D&D etc Real World Examples CT Examples
Fine Insect
Diminutive Bat
Tiny Rat, Weasel
1 kg Tiny Hawk
3 kg -2 Tiny Cat, Monkey Anola, Beaked Monkey
6 kg -2 Small Eagle, Terrier Tree Kraken
12 kg -2 Small Badger
25 kg -2 Small Small Dog Chamax Juvenile, Chimearoc, Sea Bear
50 kg -1 Medium Baboon, Kangaroo, Labrador, Wolf Bush Runner, Chamax Hunter
100 kg +0, +1 Medium Human, Dire Wolf Groat, Snowcat
200 kg +2 Large Gorilla, Lion, Tiger Thingvellir’s Crested Trapper
400 kg +2 Large Cow, Horse
800 kg +3 Large Brown Bear, Bison
1600 kg +4 Huge Hippo, Great White Shark
3200 kg +4, +5 Huge Small elephant, Orca, Rhinoceros Small Daghshark
6000 kg +6, +7 Huge Large elephant, small Triceratops, T. Rex Chamax Maternal, Nobble
12000 kg Huge Large Triceratops
18000 kg
24000 kg
30000 kg Gargantuan Brontosaurus
36000 kg Gargantuan
40000 kg Gargantuan Humpback Whale
44000 kg Gargantuan Large Daghshark
+9 Colossal Blue Whale (150 tons)
+10 Colossal No known examples


Have I got any of this wrong? Can you fill in any of the gaps? Let me know!

  1. Rob Singers says:

    Based on a premise that you’re only talking about adults, you’re roughly right. An adult mle Red Kangaroo will be around 85kg, and really big ones can make 2m.

    On a different tangent. If you put this stuff into a Google Doc or a free wiki, you may find that people will add to it for you.

    • andyslack says:

      Yes, I was thinking about adults. It got too complicated when I starting putting young in as well.

      I hadn’t thought about a Google Doc or a wiki – thanks.

  2. BeRKA says:

    Very nice table.

    Why not add a column with the animals from the bestiary in the old JTAS.

  3. […] five years ago now I posted a comparative size table for various games, and once I started using Roll20 I felt the need for something similar to give […]

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