Irongrave – Session 3

Posted: 28 January 2011 in Tryouts

27 December 1010

Impressed by the party’s success in dealing with three werewolves, the Patriarch of the Order Militant in Irongrave assigns Nessime a new task: Orcs have recently defiled a shrine in the foothills of the Black Mountains, making off with the Holy Handkerchief of St Veronica (no point me leaving it in Rome, the party won’t make it that far for years, if ever). Her mission is to recover it and bring it back to Castle Irongrave, where its powers (unspecified, but probably Greater Healing) can be put to good use.

The party found the shrine without much trouble, and discovered just how difficult it is to track opponents when no-one has the necessary skill. Fortunately, however, a group of orc archers tried to ambush them, and discovered how difficult it is to survive combat in wooded terrain with a group of Wild Cards who all have better Stealth and Fighting skills than you. While Nessime and Tenchi executed a classic fire-and-movement approach to the orcs, the warforged sorceror approached their position under cover, then assaulted them and rolled up their flank.

These guys have been playing long enough now to be dangerous when not outmatched.

While Nessime and the warforged argued loudly over what to do with the purloined icons the dead orcs had on their persons, Tenchi used sleight of hand to pocket them.

PCs, eh?


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