Irongrave – Session 2

Posted: 21 January 2011 in Tryouts

26 December, 1010

Travelling on towards Irongrave, the warforged and the dark elf became separated in a blizzard. In search of shelter, the warforged found a recently burned-out keep, full of mutilated bodies. He also found Nessime the paladin (Giulia’s PC), sent there by the Order Militant to investigate rumours of strange livestock killings, and Tenchi (her husband’s PC), who claimed to be a concerned citizen looking for survivors and not a thief at all.

After a thorough investigation of the ruins, the party made off for a nearby inn. Scouting the outbuildings, the warforged discovered a dismembered horse, and when he demanded an explanation with menaces, the band was attacked by a trio of werewolves hiding in the basement – the landlady’s family, transformed through some unknown incident.

A savage melee ensued, which the PCs barely won – one werewolf per PC is a little too evenly matched for comfort, especially with novice players who are still learning the combat options. This was Tenchi’s first session with Savage Worlds, but he quickly got the hang of making full use of the environment and some looted silverware; Giulia figured out how to use her powers in combination to make me use up the bad guys’ bennies so that they could be hurt; and Nick, although frustrated at not being able to deal overwhelming damage as he usually does, started getting creative about immobilising the werewolves instead so that the other two could fight them.

Best moment of the session: Nessime trying to persuade the others to take the werewolves alive, because “Werewolves are people too, and with modern medical help they can be cured.”


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