Irongrave – Session 1

Posted: 14 January 2011 in Tryouts

23 December 1010

A first trial run of the Irongrave setting, conducted over the Christmas holidays to demonstrate the Savage Worlds rules to Nick’s friend Buster.

Nick created a warforged sorceror (I decided to say warforged swap the free edge human PCs get for the Construct ability). This should be entertaining as his hindrances combine to give him a Charisma of –6 once people get to know him.

Buster, as always, created a drow ranger. I figured this was basically a normal elf with a different colour scheme and a bad attitude, so a straightforward conversion.

Travelling towards Irongrave in search of their fortunes, the pair came upon a village beset by orc raiders, who had set fire to the buildings and taken the villagers captive. After some furtive sneaking around, and a lot of sliding about in the mud by the warforged, Nick’s character unloaded all his power points into the orc chieftain via magical Bolts, eventually killing him, while the drow went around the right flank and then proceeded to roll it up by throwing bricks at the rearguard.

Having seen their leader shot down by magical bolts, and the ranger despatch three of their number with bricks and swords, the remaining orcs opted to kill the captives and flee. One captive survived, only to have the drow try to stab him; he fled, only to be brought down by a well-placed brick. However, the party decided to leave him alive, unconscious in the mud.

At some point, the two surviving orcs or the surviving peasant may return to complicate their lives, although no-one who saw Nick’s warforged lived to tell the tale and only the dark elf will be blamed. For now, they press on towards Irongrave.


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