Old School, RPG and FPS

Posted: 9 January 2011 in Reflections

I’ve come to the conclusion that Old School pen and paper roleplaying games have more in common with first-person shooters than computer RPGs.

In Old School RPGs, as in videogame FPS, characters of the same class and level are pretty much the same mechanically. What differs is the player’s approach and tactical skill. Your FPS avatar is much like mine; but when faced with zombies, do you reach for the shotgun, try to sneak round them, or manoeuvre them into a trap and let the environment kill them?

Videogame RPGs are more like the later generations of pen and paper RPGs, where the character and his inventory are expanded upon in lavish detail, as if the entire game were one long arming topos. For me, that’s too much like the day job; I want the inventory management kept to a minimum in my leisure time.

Your Mileage May Vary.


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