Robot Dracula from Mars

Posted: 4 January 2011 in Rules

In actual day-to-day life I have no problem describing D&D to a newbie as something like "You play Conan, I play Gandalf. We team up to fight Dracula.". – Jeff Rientz, Jeff’s Gameblog

This post is actually about Savage Worlds, but in looking for players for a new face to face SW fantasy game, I used Jeff Rientz’s explanation on someone.

“Cool!” he responded. “So, could we team up against, like, a robot Dracula from Mars?”

I thought about that for a heartbeat, and said yes… during that heartbeat my train of thought was:

  • Take one Ancient Vampire.
  • Apply the Construct template, because it’s a robot.
  • Use “from Mars” as a Trapping… the robot Dracula has the physical form of one of HG Wells’ octopoid Martian invaders.

Job done. Gotta love Savage Worlds.


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