SG-13: PX10-529

Posted: 29 May 2010 in Tryouts

It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon, and I decided it was about time I introduced my son (a keen Warhammer 40,000 player) to THW. Chain Reaction 3.0 is the place to start, so SG-13 is sent through the stargate to scout an abandoned village for signs of Goa’uld activity. (The family mostly plays in the era of season 5, before the Goa’uld are deposed and the Jaffa freed.)

SG-13 for this run consists of:

  • The L-T (Nick): Star, Rep 5, Agile, Nerves of Steel.
  • SSgt Stoner (me): Star, Rep 5, Born Leader, Nerves of Steel.
  • Davis: Rep 4, Runt, Medic.
  • Evans: Rep 5, Agile.

All armed with grenades and assault rifles except Davis, who has grenades, a BAP, and a first aid kit. This session took 45 minutes including setup and knockdown, and used 4 friendly figures and 7 hostiles. However, because I wanted to keep the action fast, furious and violent for Nick (that’s how he likes his games) I didn’t keep detailed notes of die rolls this time.

Initial Setup

Initial Setup: UAV overflight indicates three Probable Enemy Forces in the village. The LT spreads us out on a 60 metre front and we advance cautiously. The LT takes the right flank (I see I missed him in the picture), Davis the far left, and Stoner and Evans advance towards the main street.

End of Turn 1

Turn 1: Everyone fast moves, the LT and Davis hoofing it up the flanks while Stoner and Evans take cover behind a courtyard wall. PEF 1 moves out into the open, but it turns out to be a goat, obviously harmless.

End of Turn 2

Turn 2: Stoner and Evans sit tight, covering the main street. Davis and the LT continue to move up at a trot. The LT rounds a corner and resolves PEFs 2 and 3, each being a single Jaffa. They In Sight and open up, but miss because he’s fast moving and their die-rolling is useless. The LT fires back, dropping one Out Of the Fight and forcing the other to duck back inside the nearest cover, which is Building 1.

End of Turn 3

Turn 3: The LT, Davis and the Jaffa sit tight. Stoner and Evans break cover and fast move across the street towards the next courtyard, intending to advance on the staff weapon discharges they can hear at the end of the street. Unfortunately as they enter this new board section they encounter more Jaffa, hidden to date, who In Sight test, open fire, and hit Stoner, who goes OOF and drops in the middle of the street. Davis throws a grenade at the Jaffa, then ducks into the courtyard. Two of the three enemies go OOF, and the third is stunned, staggering about the street like a drunk. The jaffa in Building 1 realises enemies are advancing up the street and moves back a couple of yards so they can’t shoot him through the door.

End of Turn 4

Turn 4: Davis sits tight. Evans puts a burst from his assault rifle into the Jaffa who survived his grenade. The LT fast moves up the right flank to get line of sight into Building 1 through its window.

Turn 5: Everyone fails their activation. All groups keep low and scan the area for hostile activity.

End of Turn 6

Turn 6: The LT moves closer, and lobs a grenade through the window of Building 1; the Jaffa inside is rendered OOF. Davis moves up the left flank, and surprises two more Jaffa (previously hidden) lying in wait for the main advance up the street. He drops both with his BAP, one dead and one OOF.

Aftermath: Stoner is OOF but will recover. The rest of SG-13 is unhurt and has completed its scouting mission, capturing two wounded Jaffa for interrogation into the bargain.

That went well, to the point where Nick now wants to bring zombies, his sister and her fiancée into the game. So the next family wargame should be ATZ – coming soon to a blog near you, I hope.

  1. Veloci says:

    Nice Rep. You can never go wrong with Zombies so your next game should be a hoot!

  2. Mahon says:

    What is really interesting for me is how did your son enjoy the game. Of course it’s never complete without zombies, but I am curious how cool it is from a 40K player point of view.

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    • andyslack says:

      He thought the same – zombies required for the full experience. 🙂

      He liked it well enough to want to play again, and I’m happy with that as a start. From Nick’s perspective as I understand it:


      • Fast-moving (we never have more than about two hours before we get kicked off the table by Nick’s mother, we can’t do a W40K game in that time).
      • Co-operative play (we like to play on the same side against the game system, and THW are the only tabletop rules I know of where that really works).


      • Not many figures on the table (he likes huge armies with tanks).

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