Savage Dungeons: Tizun Thane, Part 2

Posted: 18 April 2010 in Tryouts
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Today should have been a day for playing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying with some old friends, but one of them is stuck in Holland due to the volcanic eruption which has grounded flights in UK airspace, and the rest of us decided to wait for his return before pressing on. So, I gathered the children and we continued their exploration of the Halls of Tizun Thane under the Savage Worlds rules. Old school dungeon crawling with no figures, no tiles, nothing but the dice, the DM’s notes, and the character sheets.

Nick’s fighter led the rats he befriended into an ambush to dispose of some giant ants he encountered, luring them into the area and then locking them in with the foes. There were fights with troglodytes, more giant ants, and a pile of blankets – Nick barged into a laundry cupboard, and for some reason wanted to “mince the bedding”. That was the point when he discovered it was infested with fleas.

The party encountered a band of goblins come to negotiate with Tizun Thane, now sadly deceased, and persuaded them that the best option was to leave peaceably.

They have now explored about a quarter of Tizun’s old palace; I hope we can complete the adventure before the summer holidays. Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can dig out my notes of Nick and Giulia’s earlier adventures – the Quest for the Golden Hedgehog – and post those.

  1. andyslack says:

    Sadly, it turns out I no longer have my notes of the Quest for the Golden Hedgehog. This was a “collect the set” plot where Nick and Giulia followed clues from one ruined temple crypt to another, finding first a bronze hedgehog, then a silver one, and finally a gold one. The gold one was on a volcanic island, guarded by a giant hedgehog called (of course) Spiny Norman. I especially relished Nick leaping onto its head from a ledge, Conan-style, and stabbing it while it tried to throw him off. Naturally, once they had acquired the McGuffin and fought off the guardian beast, the volcano erupted; but they withdrew in good order and lived to fight another day.

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